An Overview of the Production Report

As mentioned previously, we would like to focus some of our readers’ attention on the vast reporting features of SuperSalon and iOffice. As part of that, we will be showcasing the most popular and widely used reports in several upcoming posts. One of the best ones we’ve felt to start out with is the Production Report, located in the “Sales” section of the Reporting submenu.

Shown below is a sample of this report that was run in a location for the last work week of May 2019. All of the important data is displayed in a standard spreadsheet like format, organized by columns and rows that correspond to revenue amounts and Services, respectively. This report is ideal for knowing exactly how much revenue is flowing in and out of the location, based on just Service sales.

Production Report 2019

Adding further value to this report is the ability to quickly select a location, and then use either the “Today’s Report” or “Yesterday’s Report” buttons for more up-to-date results. The operational filters of the Production Report allow business owners to organize this data even further, as we will describe in the next section.

Operational Filters

The illustrated example given here reflects the iOffice version of this report. The advantage of this format is that the report can be run for several locations at once, giving salon owners and their staff the opportunity to compare performance. There are also several operational filters that can further clarify the results even more, and they are as follows:

  • Show Store Totals Only: Using this filter will display the results as a lump sum as opposed to delineated by staff member.
  • Include Request in Service Totals: Toggling this option will result in a tabulation of all revenue that was the result of client’s requesting a specific staff member.
  • Show Service Details: Setting this filter to the affirmative with a checkbox will show individual services like the illustrated example above, as opposed to a simple lump-sum.
  • Hide Empty Rows: Services that do not have any sales figures for the date range of the report will not display at all, if this is set to the affirmative.
  • Use real-time for PPH for current date: When users select the “Today’s Report” button, they can see a current tally of Production Per Hour revenue when this box is checked.
  • One Employee per Page: Using this filter will display the results much like the illustrated example, with each staff member represented with their revenue values.
  • Show Free Services: Because these do not generate revenue, business owners often opt to have them not displayed at all in the Production Report.

With all of these filters and options available, it’s easy to see why the Production Report is one of SuperSalon and iOffice’s most popular resources. Stay tuned for more breakdowns of our popular reports as the summer continues. And, as always, please let us know if you have any questions or concerns on this or any other aspect of our offerings.