An Overview of the Payroll Report

Having the most accurate possible snapshot of your payroll costs is important for anyone who wants to run a successful salon. The SuperSalon salon management system comes stock with an entire category of payroll reports, but none are more informative, and capture the entire data set quite like the aptly named Payroll Report.

Shown below is an example of this report that was run for a location for the previous pay cycle. The data reflects all zeros because of the need to illustrate each category in a single image. When run, this report can be quite large, and is divided into three categories:

  • Hours: This shows a list of all employees, their total production and nonproduction hours, and other details such as tips and vacation time.
  • Non-Production Details: This area will show all of the costs associated with Non-Production work. Non-Production can be defined as work that does not actually bring revenue to the location.
  • Sales and Commission Totals: The lower area will show a complete tabulation, broken down by staff member, of all revenue brought in during that pay cycle.


Operational Filters

Like most reports, the Payroll Report can be run for multiple locations at once, when run in the iOffice environment. The filters that are used to fine-tune the information are broken down as follows:

  • Select Store: Like all reports, this is where the individual location is selected for the purposes of the data retrieval.
  • Select Pay Period: Locations who have multiple customized Pay Periods can select the one that will be used for the purpose of the report, using this drop down menu.
  • Select Date Range: This is the area where the timeframe of the report is selected, and it is dependent on any customized Pay Periods.
  • Export: Businesses who have requested a customized export function for the reporting can select which one they will use with this drop down.
  • Include OT in Labor Costs: By filling in this box, the Payroll Report will retrieve data for overtime hours in addition to regular ones.

This single report can cut through the chaos of payroll management quite easily and effectively. For more information on our reports, as well as interactive walk-throughs and videos, stay tuned to our Knowledge Base which is being updated to reflect these. And as always, if you have any questions or comments on any of our offerings, please let us know, and we will be happy to assist!