An Overview of the Monthly Financial Report

This week’s report focus will be on one of the most detailed and widely used barometers in SuperSalon/iOffice: the Monthly Financial Report. It can be found under the “Sales” heading in the greater Reports submenu of either the POS or the iOffice cloud management and backup system. This report is for business owners who want a fine tuned snapshot of the locations revenue performance.

The illustrated example below shows this report run for a location that focuses on May 2019. The upper portion of the report provides a summary and a rundown of customer statistics based on several demographics and variables. The middle portion of the report shows a detailed day by day breakdown of both sales and close out numbers for the month.

Monthly Financial 1

The bottom and final portion of the report is shown in the illustration below, and it shows a day by day breakdown of the five most widely used discounts in the location, for that month. The volume of usage determines each discount’s place in the top five ranking, and all totals are tabulated at the bottom of this section’s display.

Monthly Financial 2

Operational Filters

Despite the name, this report can in fact be run for a specific date range, if needed. The amount of detail in the report, and the efficient way it is displayed makes this just as excellent a resource on a biweekly basis. The filters that can delineate the information even further are as follows:

  • Store Selection: The iOffice iteration of this report is able to run for several locations at once. Clicking or tapping on this area and selecting the stores will establish the data set.
  • Month/Year Drop downs: This system of two drop-down menus give users the ability to select the month for the report to be run.
  • Switch to Date Range: Filling in this checkbox will populate an interface where users are able to data set to be run.
  • Show Statistics if Zero: Empty rows without information (such as closed days) will populate in the report, if this box is checked.
  • Email Report to: Users are able to automatically email this report by entering a valid email address into the text field, and clicking or tapping on the “Email Report” button.

For a hands-on example of this valuable report, check out the new interactive overview of it, over in our Knowledge Base. Stay tuned for more of these to be posted as time goes on, and as always, if you have any questions or concerns about this or any of our other offerings, please let us know, and we will be happy to assist you!