An Overview of the Daily Report

Of all the reports available to SuperSalon customers, few are more popular and versatile than the Daily Report. Much like the Salon Dashboard, this report organizes a large amount of data into an easy to read format, and is generally run at the end of the day. The report itself is located in Reports > Sales > Daily Report, and this blog post will provide a high level overview of each metric that it tracks.

Shown below is an illustrated example of this report, generated from the iOffice cloud management and backup platform. As mentioned, this report is usually run at the end of the day as the final task for managers and other staff members, and this is why the beginning set of metrics are the closeout totals.

Daily Report

In addition to the Close Out Totals, the Daily Report also tracks the following important information.

Summary Section: This area of the report tracks all revenue movement for the current day, and also displays the previous night’s counted till amount in order to provide a benchmark for the day’s success. The information shown here is based on all the tickets that were processed for the given workday.

Customer Statistics: All vital information about clients who have come in and out of the location for the day are neatly summarized in this section. In addition to common demographics such as age and gender, this area of the Daily Report also shows information about the client source, the percentage of new versus recurring clients, and other metrics.

Discount Tracking: There are two rows in this area of the Daily Report that display all of the discounts that have been used at the location for the given workday, and tracks them by the employee who has used them, and gives a listing of the details involved with each discount used as well.

Hourly Work Details: This area offers managers and other staff members in charge of payroll a quick glance at work performance for each clocked in employee. This area tracks how many services were performed, voids processed, and other information in addition to the total amount of Production Hours logged for the staff member.

With all of this information so easily available, and quickly retrieved, it’s no wonder why this report has consistently been in our top 10 most used for SuperSalon/iOffice. For more information on this, or any other of our offerings, please feel free to contact us via phone or email, and we will be happy to assist you!