An Overview of SuperSalon Enhancement Modules

Packed with features and options, SuperSalon and iOffice are by far the most complete solution in software-based salon management systems. Through the years we have cultivated several close relationships with the biggest names in the American beauty industry, and have honed our offerings based on the direct input of our client base.

Because no two business models are exactly the same, and because each salon owner has different needs for their enterprise, we have also crafted several expansions to SuperSalon and iOffice that can augment its capabilities. These enhancement modules are designed to assist with client communications, salon marketing efforts, and assist with logistical support.

Client Communication Enhancements

These extensions of SuperSalon will assist salon owners and keeping a rapport with their client base, and offer them a convenience they cannot get from your competitors. The for SuperSalon/iOffice enhancements the fall into this category are as follows:

  • SMS Messaging: This enhancement module give salon owners the ability to directly engage with their clients by way of automatically generated SMS messages. These are based on certain triggers within the SuperSalon point-of-sale, and can also be configured to automatically send out visit reminders, birthday greetings, and more.
  • Online Booking/SalonCheckin: When salon owners opt into this enhancement feature, we create a website for their clients to book their appointments, and request their favorite staff member. The website will be branded in accordance with the business owners desires, and represents a very popular and modern way for salon owners to foster repeat business.
  • Video Menu Board: Salon clients can enjoy a better waiting experience with this enhancement to SuperSalon which adds video signage, containing the location’s most popular services and prices. The waiting list can also be displayed on this board, as can personalized content such as RSS feeds and other streaming services.
  • Reserve with Google: SuperSalon’s direct partnership with Google made this enhancement module possible, and it has quickly become one of our most popular. By opting in, salon owners can allow their clients to book their appointments and more using this new exclusive feature from Google. Clients in your area can quickly find your location, and get in touch with you online, anytime.
  • Mobile App: With this enhancement, our Development team creates a customized mobile application that works for both Apple and Android devices. With this app, salon clients can book their appointments and requested staff member, quickly and efficiently. It also includes a map and navigation feature to help customers find their way to you, and all of your locations.

Marketing Enhancements

These extensions to SuperSalon and iOffice can greatly help salon owners in both getting clients into your doors, and making sure they come back in the future. The following are the two examples of our customer acquisition and retention enhancement modules:

  • Smartbase Solutions: This feature comes as a result of our partnership with Smartbase, and salon owners who take advantage of its features have access to several traffic driving tools. Everything from setting up special promotions, email and direct mail campaigns, surveys, and more can be accessed and utilized for the ongoing success of your salon enterprise.
  • Rate My Visit: Get to know what customers REALLY think about your business by opting into this enhancement that includes a survey with every receipt that’s generated from SuperSalon. By offering a discount or other inducement for each completed survey, business owners can rest easy knowing that they are getting honest feedback from the people who matter most of their business: the clients.

Salon Logistical Enhancements

Keeping a salon business running smoothly by streamlining processes and adding different vantage points are the theme behind these SuperSalon expansion modules. Each one of them was designed from the ground up to alleviate common headaches involved in running a modern salon business, and they are as follows:

  • ADP Tip Cards: Completely eliminate the headache of tip distribution by opting into this enhancement which is the result of our partnership with ADP. Instead of having to dig through the register for tips, or go through the headache of dividing them, salon staff are instead given their tips on a secure debit card which can be used at any ATM or business.
  • Email Receipts: Cut down on both paper waste and paper cost by opting into this enhancement feature which sends a digital copy of a client’s receipt directly to their email. This feature has quickly become popular for its environmentally friendly approach to paper management, as well as cutting down on clutter for clients to have to walk around with, or ultimately throw away.
  • Centralized Customer Database: Owners of multiple locations will not want to miss out on this enhancement feature which allows their salons to share a single unified customer database. No more having to cross reference visit history and other important information, and this feature is automatically updated with every upload from every location in your account.
  • Self Check-in Kiosk: If you have a busy salon, this extended enhancement feature will cut down on the chaos and confusion of the check-in process by allowing clients to do it themselves via another device connected to your network. This can take the form of another computer, or any mobile device currently on the market. Extremely useful for a busy Friday night.
  • Zeezor Enhanced Reporting: This is a another third-party partnership with SuperSalon that offers an enhanced reporting functionality for your salon business. Actionable data for your salons is automatically received and designed to help you directly engage with your staff members through clear metrics and gamification.

For more information on these Enhancement Modules, feel free to consult with our Knowledge Base, or our Sales department for details on pricing and availability. Also be on the lookout in the near future for even more detailed showcases of each enhancement as they are added to the Knowledge Base, and to this blog.