All About Ticket Voids

Ticket Voids Explained

Sometimes it becomes necessary to cancel or delete a sales ticket during the course of a workday. This could be for any number of reasons, and SuperSalon enables its users to be able to perform this important task both during and after the final settlement has taken place. This article will go over the steps involved in processing ticket voids, and where users can locate the area they can change or add to the specific reasons for the void.

Voiding an Unsettled Ticket

If the ticket has not yet got the final settlement, voiding it is quite easy, and can be done in two simple steps.

Step 1: From the Sales screen, and this can be the Wait/Serve screen or the Appointment Book, click or tap on the red “X” in the upper left corner of the ticket, as shown below.

Step 2: This will populate the button array to indicate the void reason. Click or tap on the one that most applies, as shown in the image below, and the ticket will then be voided.


Voiding Settled Tickets

Ticket voids for sales that have already been processed is slightly more complicated, and may require staff members of higher Permission to process.

Step 1: From anywhere in SuperSalon, enter the Manager menu by clicking or tapping on its tab at the top.


Step 2: Enter the Search Sales submenu by clicking or tapping on its entry from the alphabetical list on the left.


Step 3: Click or tap on the ticket that is to be voided.


Step 4: In the ticket information screen, select the “Void” button located in the bottom array.


Step 5: From the list that appears, select the correct reason for which the ticket is being voided.


Step 6: Verify that the ticket has successfully been voided by both the alert pop up, and it’s status in the Search Sales submenu.


Editing Void Reasons

Salon staff may need more unique reasons to avoid a ticket than the standard ones that comes stock with the initial SuperSalon installation. To edit these void reasons, go into Setup Menu > Software Settings> Sales > Void Reasons, and the entry form shown below will contain 10 text fields users can configure for their needs.