Adding Sub Items to Existing Services

Locations will sometimes need to augment the prices of their Service offerings based on certasin circumstances. A good example of this would be an extra charge attached to a perm service if the client has unusually long hair.

This extra charge is referred to as a “Sub Item” in the context of SuperSalon, and this article will provide a high level overview of both the submenu, and the creation of new sub items as well.

Breakdown of Sub Item Menu

The Sub Items menu is located at Manager > Services > Sub Items, and can be broken down as follows:

Upper Button Array
  • Add: Using this button enables users to add a new Sub Item template to SuperSalon.
  • Done: This button will return the user to the Services submenu.
Sub Items Setup

This section of the interface displays all currently recognized Sub Items used for services in SuperSalon. They are arranged by the following four criteria:

  • Name
  • Description
  • Completion Time
  • Default Price

Sub Items can be deleted from this roster by using the red circular icon on the far right. Existing Sub Items can also be edited directly from their roster by clicking on the fields, and changing the values.

Creating a New Sub Item

Step 1: From anywhere in SuperSalon, enter the Manager menu.


Step 2: Enter the Services submenu by clicking or tapping on its entry in the list shown on the left.


Step 3: Click or tap on the “Sub Items” button located in the upper array.


Step 4: Click or tap on the “Add” button.


Step 5: Enter all the pertinent information that will be associated with this new Sub Item into the text fields.

Step 6: Click or tap on the “Save” button.