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About Our Company

Founded in 1999 by Matt Rogers, a software developer and multiple-location salon owner, Super Salon was developed to be a complete business solution for both walk-in and appointment-driven salons and spas. Since then, ProPoint Solutions (formerly Rogers Software Development) has been the most trusted name in salon management software, preferred by over 12,000 locations worldwide.

Our commitment throughout the years has been to address the unique needs of business owners in the personal services industry. We do this by offering a total salon management solution that provides real-time visibility across multiple locations, delivering vital customer, scheduling, inventory and financial data to enable precise decision making. We are focused on your best business outcomes, and as such, our own success will always be measured by yours.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide innovative software solutions and integrations that allow our customers to better manage their business and meet their business objectives.

Core Values

Sustained innovation and continuous improvement; exceeding customer expectations; empowering customers and enabling success.

Value Proposition

We provide solutions for multi-location owners that were inspired by multi-location salon owners. That gives us a unique ability to understand your business needs better than other software providers.

Company News

14Feb, 2019

Why You Should Always Capture Customer Data

A healthy customer database is worth its weight in gold, and can become a source of repeat business for years to come, if maintained properly. This is why the developers of SuperSalon have gone through great lengths to make sure that each customer profile can contain the maximum amount of [...]

6Feb, 2019

3 Ways Salon Staff Save Time with SuperSalon

A modern beauty salon can be a very hectic place. And with so many moving parts, efficiently managing these enterprises can be daunting. It wasn’t until about a decade ago that modern software-based salon management systems were available on the market. Prior to that, the vigilance required by business owners [...]

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