A Closer Look at SuperSalon ZeeZor Integration

With over 100 reports available to SuperSalon and iOffice users right out of the box, it’s easy to see why our salon management system is so popular. There is no area of a salon business that SuperSalon is unable to track or tabulate if it’s managed by our point-of-sale or our cloud management and backup system.

In our ever present goal to provide data that is both timely and actionable, we have partnered with the industry leader, ZeeZor, to take our reporting to the next level. This addition to SuperSalon and iOffice’s enhancement modules enables role-based reporting that can serve to strengthen employee performance, and clarify areas of opportunity.

Benefits of ZeeZor Integration

Often described as a “Fitbit” for your business, ZeeZor integration was designed to give salon owners and staff real-time statistics on their daily and weekly goals. This module analyzes sales data, and arranges it in a format that can be retrieved from a mobile phone or other connected device. Metrics like sales per hour, revenue generated per hour, and much more are presented in an easy to decipher interface.

  • Benefits for Owners: Salon owners can use this integration to catch up on each of their locations’ progress throughout the day. The ZeeZor integration offers easier and quicker retrieval of those important numbers that are so critical for a business’s success, and helps our customers further leverage their investment in SuperSalon.
  • Benefits for Salon Managers: Managers and team leaders in the salon can utilize ZeeZor to set up goals and projects to help motivate their staff. The ZeeZor application stays in sync with SuperSalon via the upload functionality, giving an accurate snapshot over the course of the last 30 minutes. With this information, management of staff can be engaging and fun.
  • Benefits for Stylists and Other Salon Employees: ZeeZor integration can be used on the stylist level as well to keep a running tally of all sales statistics throughout the day. There are also gamification features to the ZeeZor integration that makes achieving sales goals a fun experience with clearly defined metrics and accurate data.

We urge you not to miss out on the many features and advantages the ZeeZor integration with SuperSalon provides. For more information on this, or any other of our offerings, feel free to check our Knowledge Base, or give us a call any time, and we will be happy to assist!