A Closer Look at ADP Tip Cards

In our most recent post, we talked about how SuperSalon can modernize a salon business’ tipping program. The last point in that post we touched upon was the ADP Tip Card program which is an enhancement feature for SuperSalon and iOffice that takes the headache right out of the process altogether.

Our partnership with ADP has made it so any and all tips that are registered in the SuperSalon point-of-sale will be immediately sent to a secure Visa debit card issued to the salon employee. This integration with our system and there’s has been sometime in the making, and has resulted in a service that many salon owners are finding to be invaluable for keeping staff happy.

Four Immediate Benefits of ADP Tip Cards

Other than peace of mind on the part of salon staff in knowing that ownership and upper management cares enough to provide such a service, there are four clear benefits to adopting this enhancement module:

  • Convenience: First and foremost, not having to tabulate tip amounts at the end of the day during close out eliminates a very tedious chore. Having this revenue automatically sent to ADP where it is used to replenish the cards is a convenience that both managers and frontline staff members will both appreciate.
  • Eliminates Conflict: With all tip numbers automatically assigned with each sale, and the ability to edit them when needed, this enhancement module virtually eliminates the potential conflict involved with tipping. Everyone knows what their numbers are, how they receive them, and there are no gray areas as far as card replenishment.
  • Opportunities for Salon Staff: Not everyone can qualify for a credit card or debit card, and this enhancement module allows stylists and other staff members to own a secure Visa for online and other purchases. The card is recognized wherever Visa is used, giving staff members who may not own a card before, the chance to finally have one.
  • Security for Salon Owners: By getting rid of all the gray areas when it comes to a salon’s tipping program, business owners can rest assured knowing that all numbers are correct, and that no one is “double dipping” or otherwise gaming the system. All tips are assigned to who they need to be assigned to, when they need to be assigned.

The ADP Tip Card enhancement module is quickly becoming one of our most popular extensions to SuperSalon. We urge all salon business owners who want to finally nail down there tipping program to look into this feature, and see what it can do for them. And as always, if you have any questions or concerns about this or any of our other offerings, please let us know via phone or email!