5 Reports to Drive Your Business

One of the biggest advantages to the SuperSalon salon management system is its ability to report on any aspect of the business. From financial and personnel information, to royalty and logistical data, SuperSalon and iOffice have salon business owners covered on all fronts. However, with over 100 to choose from, sometimes it’s hard to know where to start when it comes to these reports.

We were recently challenged to come up with a list of five indispensable reports that could be used completely on their own to cover every facet of a salon business. The ones we came up with will clearly be recognized as favorites to many, but at the same time we also recommend that you explore all of them to get the absolute fullest perspective of your enterprise.

The Production Report (Sales > Production)


Famous for its wide array of filters and flexibility, this report tracks service sales to the most minute detail. Like most reports, the iOffice version of this one also allows users to show data for multiple salons at once, in a given timeframe. In addition to raw sales data, it also tracks the production hours and labor costs.


Monthly Financial Report (Sales > Monthly Financial)


Another indispensable report from the Sales category, this one specializes in tracking all revenue numbers that go in and out of a salon. The data is neatly categorized by all payment methods that are set up within the salon side POS, and is not limited to being run just for a specific month, it can also run queries for a customized date range as well.


Time Card Report (Payroll > Time Card)


In addition to tracking every punch that is recorded by SuperSalon’s Time Clock functionality, this useful report also gives salon managers the ability to make important adjustments. One of only a few reports that is able to be edited, the Time Card Report can take into account vacation hours as well as others that are outside the normal realm of payroll.

The Payroll Report (Payroll > Payroll)


The Payroll report is a powerhouse for staff management and labor reporting. With the ability to retrieve data for each unique Pay Period, this report gives the most accurate representation available for your labor-based overhead costs. The tracking of both Production and Non-Production Hours is very useful in finding staffing challenges.

The Schedule Forecasting Report (Sales > Schedule Forecasting)


Somewhat of a wildcard, the last report on this list is also from the Sales category, and often times goes overlooked. Traffic coming into the salon is predicted based on past sales data, and displayed in terms of estimated gross sales per hour. With this information, salon owners can make a dependable estimate as to where their staffing needs are most needed, and at what time of day.

If any experienced users of SuperSalon and/or iOffice feel that any additions would be needed to this list, we’d love to hear your input! Over the next few weeks, we will be showcasing all five of these reports, one at a time, to give users an idea of how easy they are to work with. Until then, if you have any questions or concerns about this, or any other of our offerings, please let us know!