5 Reasons to Use Integrated Card Processing

Choosing the best payment processing method for your business is as important as selecting your staff. As more businesses rely on software-based management systems to run their operations, there has been a shift from stand-alone card processing methods, to integrated ones.

A stand-alone processing method only connects to a cash register and the third-party merchant processor, whereas integrated methods are directly connected to the software management system by way of its point-of-sale features. Here are some of the benefits to using an integrated processing partner for salon owners looking for efficiency and savings in their business:

5 Reasons You Should be Using Integrated Processing

Reason One: Security

Payments that are made via an integrated system benefit from both tokenization and end to end encryption. These features are critical in maintaining the ever-important PCI compliance protocols which serve to protect both businesses and consumers. Card data and customer information are far easier to protect when using integrated platforms.

Reason Two: Efficiency

When a payment method is directly integrated into a software management system, payment authorizations are faster and more reliable. Salon staff members have a streamlined method to care for a client, from initial contact to final payment. This efficiency eliminates the need for a dedicated payment terminal and reduces overall checkout time.

Reason Three: Accuracy

Direct connection to the point-of-sale means that payment information is less likely to be entered incorrectly. Stand-alone systems do not allow you to see the actual charges of the transaction, and the slip of a keypad could be the difference between a repeat client, and an angry one. The direct connection also makes it easier to cancel, change, or audit your transactions.

Reason Four: Reporting

The direct connection between the point-of-sale system and the payment processor, allows for more accurate and up to date reporting SuperSalon users can see real-time data through the iOffice platform when using an integrated payment partner, and make critical business decisions based on the data.

Reason Five: Cash Flow

Integrating your payment method to your software-based management system eliminates long waiting periods for invoice payments and allow you to increase your cash flow as quickly as possible. Salon owners can more easily manage their finances and increase operational effectiveness by receiving their cash faster.

There are many other benefits to using an integrated processor in addition to what is listed above. Scalability, audit protection, and reduction of labor cost are also ancillary advantages to using one of our industry leading partners. For more information on how you can get yourself started with an integrated solution, don’t hesitate to contact our sales department today!