4 Ways to Thank Your Best Customers with SuperSalon

Salon owners know that happy clients are critical to the success of their business. Customers have more choices than ever, and it is critical for owners to differentiate the customer experience in any way they can. While a pleasant experience and quality service are most critical to turning a walk-in to a repeat customer, here are 4 quick ways SuperSalon can be used to show them some appreciation.

Special Discounts

The easiest and most common incentive to implement is a special discount for your favorite customers. For those owners that have not used this feature in the past, we encourage a detailed description and using this option sparingly so it isn’t misused or expected.

Customer Points

Salon locations that utilize Customer Points find them to be a great incentive for return business. While a one-time discount is great, providing an official program for frequent customers gives them an opportunity to work toward frequent incentives. This is a standard feature in SuperSalon, and the points are managed within the software.

Exclusive Package Deals

SuperSalon’s Package Deal features are just as flexible and open to customization… Package deals provide the flexibility to incentivize specific customer behavior, and promote services that are often purchased together. These deals can also be marked with special instructions for them to be used only on the occasions that warrant them.

Gift Certificates

SuperSalon can register and configure any number of special gift certificates, for any occasion. Having them printed out with a message of thanks or other creative communication adds even another layer to the customer experience, and the customization allows you to ensure they are used for specific products and services.

Check out our Knowledge Base to see how SuperSalon can help your business build a consistent client base and contact our Sales department when you are ready to get started!