4 Benefits of SuperSalon’s Rate My Visit Enhancement

Last week we gave an overview of the various enhancement modules that can be bundled with SuperSalon, and we’d like to start an ongoing showcase of each of them. The enhancement feature we’d like to focus on this week is the incredibly effective Rate My Visit module. This extension of SuperSalon adds a layer of customer interactivity and feedback.

When activated, the Rate My Visit feature adds a new footer to the bottom of customer receipts that direct them to a website, and give them a unique access code. When this code is plugged into the website, they are taken to a quick survey where they are able to give feedback on their visit. Salon owners are given options for proper branding and placement as well.

The Benefits of Rate My Visit

Four clear benefits are immediately noticeable when Rate My Visit is added to a salon business’ account. This is not just due to the inducement, but to the brand confidence it incurs, as well as the opportunity to illuminate areas that need improvement.

Brand Confidence

Any business that is willing to expose itself to public scrutiny by way of an institutionalized survey will automatically project a legitimacy that clients will notice. Knowing that their input matters, and that any grievances can be quickly communicated, will give the public confidence that when they step into your location, it will be a place where professionalism matters.

Employee Coaching and Accountability

Survey results are instantly communicated to the upper management of the salon enterprise, and are available for review in iOffice. From here, it is possible to see opportunities for coaching and/or accolades for the stylists and other salon staff. For businesses who value a high level of professionalism from their staff, this extension is worth its price several times over.

Marketing Research

With the results from the collected surveys, business owners can see a treasure trove of opportunity in knowing what makes their clients happy, and what doesn’t. With this, adjustments can be made to how the business both presents itself, and pursue forms at services. Having this edge can allow a business to stay ahead of its competition by having a closer feel on the pulse of the public.

Repeat Business

Easily the most obvious benefit of this highly effective enhancement module. By attaching a generous inducement in the form of a discounted service for filling out the survey, you can almost guarantee that individual client will come back. More than that, they are very likely to let their friends know as well, making sure that a steady stream of new clients is coming through your doors as well.

With all of these benefits, it’s easy to see why a Rate My Visit is one of our most popular enhancement modules for SuperSalon. For more information on this feature, feel free to check out our Knowledge Base article on the subject. If you have any questions, or would like to know current pricing on this feature, let us know via phone or email, and we will be happy to assist you!