3 Ways Salon Staff Save Time with SuperSalon

A modern beauty salon can be a very hectic place. And with so many moving parts, efficiently managing these enterprises can be daunting. It wasn’t until about a decade ago that modern software-based salon management systems were available on the market. Prior to that, the vigilance required by business owners to be successful resulted in a lot of stress, and possible antacid dependence.

This stress was not only experienced by the owners themselves, but also the front-line employees who were responsible for both performing services and selling retail products. Tabulating costs, monitoring inventory, and keeping track of other performance metrics meant less attention focused towards their craft.

Thankfully, pen and paper solutions combined with mechanical cash registers went the way of the mastodon. The digital age has brought with it an effective management solutions for any salon enterprise. SuperSalon is no different, and this blog post will explore three ways that SuperSalon assists frontline staff members in being as efficient as possible.

The Ticket and Sales Feature

By keeping an accurate and quickly generated running tab of every client in the salon, and even those not yet to arrive for appointments, SuperSalon allow stylists and receptionist to focus on what they do best. The clients themselves can have peace of mind knowing that the service that they arrive for will be priced properly, and delivered efficiently.

SuperSalon’s Inventory Management

The developers of SuperSalon have taken the once tedious and time consuming task of inventory management and turned it into something quick and easy. Tracking the movement of every product from the shelves to the back bar has always been one of SuperSalon’s most popular features. Being able to order products directly from the POS became a game changer as well.

Mini Reports for Gauging Performance

Having access to these quickly generated reports from the receipt printer has given frontline salon employees a way to benchmark their performance. This has allowed them to see the areas that need improvement, and assisted managers by providing them with a very valuable coaching and management tool.

SuperSalon will continue to be a visionary leader in salon management systems by building upon our own experiences, and by integrating the suggestions of our clients. As always, if you’d like to know more, feel free to contact us by phone or email, and we will be happy to assist you.