3 Ways Beauty Salons are Unique in the Service Industry

FemalehairdressermakinghairstyletocutewomaninbeautysalonA thriving service industry is a clear indicator of both a healthy national economy and a good standard of living for its citizens. There are very few other places in the world where this is more prevalent than in the United States where the vast majority of new businesses are those that could be classified under the service sector category.

The beauty industry is a unique area of the service sector in that it has challenges and possibilities no other industry shares. During our multiple decades of being a visionary leader in assisting salon owners be successful, we have found that there are three ways the beauty industry stands out from the other sectors of this area of our economy.


A Tendency for More Revenue Streams

Unlike restaurants, hotels, and tax preparers whose offerings usually consist of a single service provided, beauty salons and spas also offer a host of retail product options as well. This has been the case since the 1960s and 70s when companies like Redken and Paul Mitchell opened their first concept stores.

The upside to this, of course, is the possibility for savvy business owners to see a higher profitability average than other enterprises. The downside is the fact that managing multiple salon services and products from multiple locations can be challenging for those who are not prepared.


Salon Staff Can Be Equal Part Artist and Employee

Providing hair and beauty services is a specialized profession that often requires several years of study in order to achieve official licensing. Because of this, many stylists and other beauty professionals rightfully see themselves as craftspeople and artists. The best of them can keep a salon business full of repeat clients for years.

As with all artists, stylists and other beauty professionals express themselves through their own medium to the delight of their audience: the person sitting in their chair. Providing their services with efficiency and artistry, salon staff are a distinct from many other areas of the service industry.


Services Provided are more Personal

When one has the misfortune of having a bad steak dinner or a stinky hotel room, they are inconvenienced, but don’t generally have a problem getting over it. In a culture that is as image-conscious as ours, however, the same can’t be said for having a bad haircut or color treatment.

This is another area where having good salon staff, and salon management system, is important for a business to succeed. Remembering a client’s preferences and helping them realize their own idealized vision of themselves can be challenging, but very worthwhile!

The SuperSalon salon management system was created by beauty industry professionals with all three of these distinctions in mind. As the industry itself continues to evolve through the years, so will our offerings,  and so will our ability to help salon business owners realize their own successes.