3 Tips for Increasing Retail Sales

Implementing an effective inventory management strategy is the difference between having a few products on the shelves, and increasing your overall profits. In addition to the services they perform, most salons also carry an inventory of retail products to help their clients maintain the style achieved during their visit. Optimizing the sales performance of retail products is just as important to a salon’s success as the services it offers.

One of the biggest challenges to this endeavor is placing salon staff in the dual role of both stylist and salesperson. Some businesses circumvent this by placing receptionists in the dedicated role of product sales, and making other adjustments to staff roles. Software-based salon management systems like SuperSalon help further by giving salon owners several options to increase their retail sales without too many changes to their business model. We have three tips that will help right away.

Tip #1: Employee Incentives
A great way to eliminate any potential reluctance from staff members to push sales is to offer them generous incentives in the form of commission plans and staff recognition. With a suite of options that help business owners formulate commission plans, SuperSalon can help you motivate your staff members. A good set of commission possibilities for employees can lift sagging sales in ways that the best marketing campaigns cannot.

Tip #2: Package Deals
This feature of SuperSalon and iOffice has been widely used by salon owners to make sure that product sales are at least at the same level as service sales. By bundling services and products together at a rate that represents a value to the consumer, salon clients are far more likely to take advantage of the offer. You can create a package deal in SuperSalon with just a few easy steps.

Tip #3: Customer Points
Salons that utilize SuperSalon almost always take full advantage of the customer points feature, which assigns numeric points to every purchase of products or services in a salon. When the points accumulate to a certain level, salon clients are offered a free or discounted item or service. Like everything else in SuperSalon, the full customization of this feature is entirely up to the salon owner.

The dual revenue streams available to salon businesses are very lucrative when properly optimized. Best of all, this optimization does not have to come at any extra cost. For more information on how SuperSalon can drive your salon business, check out our Knowledge Base, and contact us here when you are ready to get started!