3 Powerful Customer Retention Features of SuperSalon

Customer retention in the beauty industry means repeat visits. While many salon management systems offer POS functionality, only SuperSalon and iOffice were designed from the ground up to help business owners keep familiar faces coming through their doors. While most of these customer retention features are covered in initial training, they can sometimes go overlooked by busy staff.

Repeat clients are the lifeblood of a successful salon business because they allow for exponential growth of your client base. Loyal customers tend to bring in other loyal customers by word-of-mouth, and as long as your staff does good work, you can expect significant growth. SuperSalon has several features to help facilitate this, and here are our favorite three.

SuperSalon Memberships Programs

Membership programs can be configured in SuperSalon and iOffice that enable salon owners to charge a monthly fee for rendered services. These have proven to be especially effective for owners of eyebrow threading businesses whose clients need to be seen multiple times per month. Some benefits that salon owners can expect to see by implementing this program are:

  • Prepaid revenue which, like gift certificates, means guaranteed money in the bank prior to any services rendered.
  • A convenience for customers who can simply add their salon visits to their overall monthly bills, with a single price.
  • Correct implementation of this program, with a staff who are customer focused, can result in client loyalty for literally years to come.

The Series Sales Feature

Easily one of the most underestimated and overlooked features of SuperSalon and iOffice are its ability to create Series Sales. These programs give salon clients the option for a free or discounted service after a predetermined amount of times paying for it. For example, a location may run a series sale that stipulates every 10th haircut you receive from that location is free. Salon owner benefits include:

  • Increased customer loyalty by offering a money-saving incentive for repeat visits to all of your locations who offer the Series Sale.
  • The opportunity for your stylists and other salon staff to really put their best face forward and stand by their work by offering these to salon clients.
  • The Series Sales functionality of SuperSalon and iOffice were designed to also work in conjunction with the Memberships feature, augmenting its nuances.

The SuperSalon Customer Database

We end this post with the most glaringly obvious feature of SuperSalon and iOffice that lends to customer loyalty, the customer database itself. With so many opportunities for data capture, each Customer Profile can act as a portfolio to enable repeat visits from each client. Knowing your customers means keeping your customers, and the Customer Database can help in the following ways:

  • Allowing research by way of reporting features to help determine the best areas of opportunity in your overall customer retention policies.
  • Retained customer history is a treasure trove of opportunity, and it allows business owners to get a clear picture of their most popular services, as well as those who carry them out.
  • Marketing efforts can be focused toward having clients come back after a predetermined time of absence by utilizing the information listed in their Customer Profile.

Of course there are other ways that SuperSalon and iOffice help with customer retention, but these tend to be the three favorites we think of when the subject is raised. To learn more about these features, or any other aspect of our offerings, feel free to consult our Knowledge Base, or contact us by phone or email, and we will be happy to assist.