3 Creative Ways to Thank Your Best Customers

Beauty salons, like most businesses in the greater service industry, rise and fall by how happy they can make their clientele. This is especially true for the beauty industry where personal services are given that can affect customers self-esteem so profoundly. Let’s face it, walking around with a bad haircut has a more lasting negative effect than eating a burger that’s not cooked to order.

This is why it is so incumbent upon salon staff to do the best job that they can, at all times. When they do, clients are appreciative, and tend to become regular visitors. From here, relationships can be formed that go above and beyond a simple business transaction.

When these golden moments happen, it is often the desire of the business to show appreciation for their clients, and this post will describe how SuperSalon can help with that.

Special Client Coupons

SuperSalon’s Discount creation features allow salon staff to craft specialized discounts that can be offered to your favorite customers as a token of appreciation. These discounts can be backed up with physical coupons that can feature an upbeat message of appreciation and thanks for their past and future visits.

SuperSalon Customer Points Feature

The Points feature is another great way to show client appreciation because they were designed to be manually changed. A regular client was waiting for a lot longer than they should have been? You can reward them by adding five or six points to their overall total by directly accessing their Customer Profile in the Manager menu of SuperSalon.

“Secret” Package Deals for Favorite Clients

By bundling both Products and Services together at a specialized price, package deals should not be overlooked as a way of thinking great salon clients. SuperSalon can hold an infinite amount of package deals, so go ahead and create one that is particularly generous, and reserve it for your best clients to show how much you appreciate them.

These are just some of the ways SuperSalon can help you foster great client relationships and guarantee return business for many years to come. Another great way to cultivate these relationships is through direct communication via SuperSalon’s SMS messaging power tool. Getting birthday greetings and other quick messages from your location will create a sense of familiarity that almost always creates happy clients.