21st Century Tipping: Don’t Get Left Behind!

Like many others who work in the service sector, hairstylists and other salon staff are dependent on tips to supplement their wages. This addition to their livelihood makes tracking and issuing of tips a very important aspect of any salon business. If not managed properly, tipping policies can quickly degenerate into chaos and hurt feelings from those who feel they have not been treated fairly.

Luckily, users of SuperSalon and iOffice have several features on hand to make sure that the tipping policy of any salon business is managed to the point where all employees are happy. Being that many of the staff members over here at SuperSalon are former and current stakeholders in the beauty industry, this was one aspect of our salon management system that we wanted to flesh out perfectly.

SuperSalon Tipping Features

Shown below are four aspects of the SuperSalon/iOffice salon management system that ensures that all tips are tabulated correctly, and issued fairly. There are, of course, several more. However we wanted to focus on the ones that are most readily seen, and most widely used. These four features of SuperSalon and iOffice are as follows:

  • Tickets and Sales: The ticketing feature in SuperSalon is how all sales are made within the system, and each ticket has a clear area for tip input. This makes it so each stylist and/or receptionist who processes these tickets has several opportunities to add the tip to the total sale’s tabulations.
  • Close Out Features: When tips are tracked within SuperSalon via the Software Settings, there will automatically be an area in the Close Out screen of the Manager menu that allows for any last-minute adjustments to tip amounts, making them that much more accurate.
  • Tips Reports: In the Sales category of reports, there are quite a few that are devoted exclusively to tabulating tips, and forecasting them as well. The other more commonly used reports under this category also tabulate all tip revenue, eliminating any confusion.
  • ADP Tip Cards: This enhancement module of SuperSalon encompasses the final say as far as tip management. With it, salon staff are given a functional debit card that automatically receives the tip revenue whenever a sale is finalized.

With all of these features at a salon business owner’s disposal that allow for proper management of tips, it’s easy to see why SuperSalon has become the top choice for salon enterprises, both large and small. For more information on this or any other aspect of our offerings, lease feel free to peruse our knowledge base, or give us a call/email, and we will be happy to assist you!