Working with SuperSalon’s SMS Power Tool

SuperSalon’s SMS Power Tool is the perfect, low-cost way to keep your customers close. Using it for appointment reminders, follow ups, thank yous or even birthday greetings can help you boost customer loyalty and keep no-shows to a minimum.

Many SuperSalon users use the SMS Power Tool to alert customers to special offers as well. This helps customers take advantage of special discounts while helping you generate additional revenue.

Once your salon is subscribed to SuperSalon’s SMS Power Tool, setup is quick and simple.

From SuperSalon’s point of sale interface, click or tap SETTINGS to access the SOFTWARE SETTINGS screen. There, you’ll be able to select MARKETING and then SMS AND EMAIL to enable the SMS Power Tool feature.

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The screen not only allows you to enable SMS and the conditions for sending, you can customize messages for reminders, thank yous, special offers, birthday greetings and more.

Once you’ve completed this step, click or tap MANAGER and then CUSTOMERS from the menu on the left. This will bring you to the Customer Lookup screen. Select the customer you want to work with to continue.

By clicking or tapping the PERSONAL button, you’ll see options to edit the customer’s contact details and other information. Here, you’ll want to ensure that you provide the customer’s cell phone number.

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Once you’ve added the customer’s cell phone number, click or tap the CUSTOMER PREFERENCES button, seen below.

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Tap the SEND SMS button to enable SMS messages from your salon. You can also enable Visit Reminder, Allow Appointment Confirmation and Allow Mailings. Note: Allow Mailings will only email your customer if you have their email address entered on their Personal screen. Additionally, you can enable SalonCheckIn from this screen. Tap the SAVE button to keep your changes and close this screen.

Now, when you send SMS messages for special offers, or set SuperSalon to send appointment reminders, your customer will receive the message at the time interval specified by you in the Software Settings.

We’re certain you’ll find this a convenient and cost-effective way to keep in touch with your customers and to build your salon’s brand.

If you have questions about SuperSalon’s SMS Power Tool, visit the product page here or get in touch with us here.

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