Using Customer Points for Repeat Business

Last week’s tip focused on Memberships and how SuperSalon can help create and manage any number of these to improve your branding and increase customer loyalty. This week, we will showcase another feature of SuperSalon that can greatly increase repeat business – a customer points system.

Customer points can best be described as a method of promotion or discount that rewards customer loyalty by tallying points each time a service is performed or a specific product is purchased. When these accumulated points reach a certain amount, a free or discounted product or service given to the customer.

Using this feature is easy. To enable it in SuperSalon’s settings, simply go to the Setup tab > Software Settings > Marketing > Loyalty & Gift interface and select the second header designated “Points”. From here, points can be activated and configured to allow for manual changes and redeeming at the point of sale.

After the feature has been activated, the next step is to create the discount that will be awarded to the customer after they have accumulated the required amount. The image below shows an example of a possible discount to be awarded and its description.

Setting up Points Discounts - Click to Enlarge

Setting up Points Discounts – Click to Enlarge

When the discount is ready, you can then configure the products and services that will carry a point value. Each individual entry for services and products can be found in either Manger tab > Services, or Manager tab > Products. Clicking on those entries will take the user to their associated edit pages. The two images below show where points are configured in each of these pages.

Configuring Points Services - Click to Enlarge

Configuring Points Services – Click to Enlarge

Configuring Points Products - Click to Enlarge

Configuring Points Products – Click to Enlarge

Once points are configured, SuperSalon will automatically tally them for your customers with each qualifying sale. The total points for each customer will be displayed in both their customer profile and the checkout screen, as shown highlighted in red in the image below.

Points Checkout1

With the customer points function in operation, your clients will have a great incentive to keep coming back to your business for all of their needs.
For more information on this, or any other SuperSalon feature, please don’t hesitate to contact us!