The Business Audit Tool for Salon Monitoring

Of all the extended features available to users of SuperSalon, the Business Audit Tool located in iOffice is one of the most effective for keeping track of critical events. This was previously a premium feature. But, as of this year, the Business Audit Tool (BAT) is available to all users of iOffice at no additional charge.

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BAT tracks metrics as they relate to both salon performance and staffing. It can be configured to send out email alerts to a list of recipients when certain events take place on the Point of Sale such as excessive wait times or employee tardiness. For salon owners or managers, it can be an indispensable business tool.

Using this Power Tool is as easy and intuitive as SuperSalon’s other features. It’s possible to create several audit groups and set each to track specific criteria for one or more locations. The screen shot of the iOffice Business Audit Tool interface displays the possibilities for customized audit lists that you can create and send to the recipients of your choosing.

The four audit templates are as follows:

Customer Wait Time
When used, this audit will send an email to the recipient group when wait times begin to become excessive on busy days.

Employee has Excessive Voids
Voided tickets can equal lost revenue. This standing audit will alert the recipient group when an employee has performed an inordinate amount of ticket voids in a business day.

Employee Clocked in Late
This standing audit will alert the recipient list when a staff member clocks in late for their scheduled shift.

Employee Clocked in Early
This standing audit will alert the recipient list when a staff member clocks in too early for their scheduled shift.

The Business Audit Tool, when properly utilized, can dramatically increase efficiency and cut down on lost revenue. Available in iOffice for SuperSalon 5.5 and higher, the Business Audit Tool is an effective way to manage staff and overall business health.

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