The SuperSalon Team

Meet the People Who Create SuperSalon
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a family of talented professionals

ProPoint Solutions is a unique team made up of both software specialists and professionals from the personal care industry.

This atypical mingling of professionals gives us an edge in addressing the specialized needs of our customers in a way that sets them up for success.

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The ProPoint Solutions Sales and Management Team

  • Raj Mahajan
    Raj MahajanCEO

    Raj brings a wealth of experience to ProPoint Solutions that spans across numerous industries in both operational and advisory capacities. Raj has guided management teams of all sizes (<$10mn to $20bn) around the globe. Raj received his BSBA from Boston University and his MBA from the University of Southern California. His career catalog includes prestigious positions with Duff & Phelps Securities, Cisco Systems and Analysys Mason Consulting.

  • Jennifer Teague
    Jennifer TeagueSales Representative

    With over 12 years of customer service experience, Jennifer has a commitment to ensuring the highest level of customer satisfaction. Her years of working as a coach and trainer in customer service make her a valued member of our sales team.

  • Jeff Bruce
    Jeff BruceHardware Sales Manager

    Jeff has been with ProPoint Solutions for over 10 years and brings a wealth of knowledge of hardware and systems solutions to the table.

  • Steve Daniell
    Steve DaniellSales Representative

    As a former franchise salon owner, Steve was introduced to SuperSalon in the early 2000s. His knowledge and appreciation of SuperSalon drove him to join the ProPoint Solutions ranks after selling his company in 2006.


    • Kim Overton
      Kim OvertonSales Representative

      As a former multi-location salon owner, Kim has a keen understanding of our customers’ needs and expectations. Her experience brings a unique approach to working with salon owners.

    • Micheal Eicher
      Micheal EicherSr Vice President, Business Development

      Micheal has over 20 years of diverse executive leadership in Operations and consulting for major corporations within the technology industry. He is an analytical and pragmatic leader with a track record of enterprise-level operational skills, technology development and implementation success. As our Sr Vice President, Business Development, he oversees sales, accounting, marketing and development departments for ProPoint Solutions.

      • John Demay
        John DemayAccounting Manager

        John coordinates, manages and leads a team providing support in all aspects of our accounting, including customer support, financial reporting and tax obligations.

      • James Rowe
        James RoweDirector of Product Management

        James brings over 25 years of professional beauty experience with a background in multi-level business salon management and end-user experience with SuperSalon.

      • Jake Woods
        Jake WoodsDirector of Operations

        Jake joined our technical support team in 2009 and served as the¬† department’s manager from 2011 – 2013. He now leads Support, Implementations and System Administration.

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