SuperSalon’s UpSys Function Explained

Although SuperSalon has many features that allow you to customize your point of sale system to fit your unique business needs, some of its more impressive features are the ones that work in the background. One such feature is UpSys, the service that handles communication between the local POS at your location and your iOffice cloud backup and management system.

Several times throughout the day, SuperSalon uploads its data to iOffice, ensuring all reports and data available to off-site business owners is as fresh and up to date as possible. Likewise, any changes made at the iOffice level are transmitted back to the POS during scheduled communication. UpSys has been designed to encrypt data on both ends, making it highly secure.

As with other SuperSalon features, UpSys is also configurable to meet your individual business needs. Managers and business owners can change the schedule of the upload communications by going into the Setup menu and then the Internet Options sub-menu. From here, the schedule (shown below) can be accessed.

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There are two optional modes UpSys operates under: Interval and List. Interval mode is the most commonaly selected and it tells UpSys to run every predetermined number of minutes, with start and end time established by text fields. The List mode gives users the ability to configure up to seven scheduled upload times throughout the course of the day. This is extremely useful for locations that have limited Internet connectivity.

SuperSalon’s upload function through UpSys has been designed and rigorously tested to meet the strict PCI compliance standards set forth for all merchants who accept card payments. With robust encryption, easily configured scheduling and dependable operation, this feature typically needs to be set up only once and can be relied upon to keep both iOffice and SuperSalon up to date and in sync.

If you need more information about UpSys, or any of SuperSalon’s features, be sure to contact us here.

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