SuperSalon’s Company Info Sub-menu

SuperSalon salon software provides a simple interface to help you consolidate all of the important organizational information needed to support its point of sale. The Company Info sub-menu can be found in the setup tab, and it is here that important business details are established and logged. The purpose of this article is to quickly illustrate each section of this sub-menu so that you can better understand their functionality.

Company Info (Default View)
When you first enter the Company Info sub-menu, the default view you see will include the Company Setup Information, shown below. Here is where you can enter the location’s name, opening date and primary contact information for the staff members who receive reports.


Deposit Info
The next section of the Company Info sub-menu is where important banking information is recorded for the purpose of keeping track of deposits. This example shows a sample deposit account set up with a local banking institution.


This section is where the percentage values of your location’s royalty program are established. This includes both ‘before’ and ‘after’ percentages. Services, products and various forms of advertising can have their royalty programs associated using this screen.


Store Setup
The Store Setup section includes a comprehensive form for entering very specific information about the location. All fields here are optional and not necessary for point of sale operation. However, owners and managers will find them useful for enhancing reporting accuracy and a point of reference for corporate contacts.


Store Hours
From this section, you are able to establish the salon’s operating hours. It is important to ensure that they are accurate as SuperSalon’s point of sale will use them as reference points for other functions such as appointments and scheduling.


As you can see, there is a lot of power packed into this one sub-menu of SuperSalon’s point of sale. Using the Company Info settings can greatly enhance both the operations of your salon and the ease of use for managers and owners.

If you have any questions on this or any of SuperSalon’s features, be sure to contact us here.