The SuperSalon / POS-X Advantage

For several years now, the partnership between ProPoint Solutions/SuperSalon and POS-X has produced some of the most reliable point-of-sale setups in the industry. New users of SuperSalon, or those who have brand new systems installed in the last few years can attest to the company’s use of this premium brand for almost all peripheral devices. The POS-X receipt printer, touch screen monitor, cash drawer, and other devices are now a regular part of each new system, and will continue to be for years to come.

This relationship is the result of years of cooperation from both companies on several joint projects that have resulted in an elevation of quality for each device and software release. Though the integration of devices and peripherals to SuperSalon from other companies has been programmed as well, POS-X has has had more testing time with the system, and their devices are optimal for the POS.

Some of the Best Selling POS-X devices we carry are:

  • The POS-X EvoTM2A Touch Screen Monitor: Bringing the convenience and ease of a touch screen interface to SuperSalon, this unit is as responsive as it is durable.
  • The EVO RP-1 and EVO Green Receipt Printers: These devices are known for their reliability, as well as their ability to create custom receipts with SuperSalon’s configuration options.
  • The POS-X Cash Drawer: This rugged and secure piece of hardware can only be opened by a specific command from the POS, and is ideal for any sized location.
  • The POS-X XI3200 Barcode Scanner: This device, when used with SuperSalon’s Inventory Manager, can make product counts and seasonal inventory audits go quickly and easily.

For SuperSalon users who have not yet used POS-X quality peripherals, our Sales department carries all of them, and is well versed on each device’s capabilities. For further price of mind, we also offer our Hot Swap equipment replacement program to clients. This will allow for the instant replacement of defective hardware via overnight delivery should any unforeseen situations take place.

Don’t let your business be hamstrung by lesser quality equipment! Contact our Sales Department today for more information on how best to compliment your SuperSalon POS with the best devices in the industry.

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