SuperSalon Mobile App 2.0 Released

Click to download the guide in PDF format.

Rogers Software Development is pleased to release the SuperSalon Mobile App 2.0.

The SuperSalon Mobile App works seamlessly with your SuperSalon PoS System and gives new flexibility to your customers.

Our Mobile App gives you and your valued customers a fast and convenient way to work together and our client guide will help you become familiar with the app quickly.

Download in PDF format to see all the features and benefits.


  • Optimized for iOS7/8 and iOS6 backward compatible
  • Optimized for SalonCheckin 2.1 API
  • Supports CallAhead and Schedules
  • Supports Multiple tickets
  • Supports ListView and MapView, the former being the default
  • Facebook Login
  • Bookmark of favorite locations
  • Improved search, recent search history
  • Native calendar integration for appointment reminders/alerts
  • Supports social media links at store and group level
  • Supports custom themes for branding

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