Setting Up the Zebra 2824 Printer in SuperSalon

At Rogers, we understand that inventory can become a tedious chore for busy salons. Because of that, we have built in support for one of the best tools for the task, the Zebra model 2824 label printer.

Pictured below, this reliable and easy to use device is also cost effective as it relies on heat, instead of ink, for its output.

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When configured to work with SuperSalon, this device will allow salon staff to print adhesive labels on retail product for easy inventory management. After receiving new inventory, navigate to the items Edit Product located at Manager> Products> Select Product. This will display a button in the upper interface that allows you to print labels, as shown below.

Label Printer 1

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After the initial setup, you can review the label printer settings, at any time, by navigating to Setup> Label Printer, as shown in the example below. From here, it is also possible to change the font size of the label and enter specific commands via the text field at the bottom. We recommend restricting access to this sub-menu to just your management staff.

Label Printer 2

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It’s also possible to test the printer by using the Test button, located in the upper portion of the sub-menu. Using this feature can ensure proper function and clarify issues in tech support situations.

If you’re interested in learning more about SuperSalon’s integration with Zebra label printers, contact our sales department here.

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