ProPoint Solutions Knowledge Base Update

As the ProPoint Knowledge Base continues to develop as a learning resource, we will be adding more and more content to it as time goes on. In the coming months, users can expect to see more interactive content, quizzes and tests, and other materials to make sure that clients who are new to SuperSalon, or are transitioning from another point of sale can be familiarized with the system quickly and easily.

Likewise for our clients who are already familiar with the system, this new content will prove to be a valuable refresher and reference resource when needed. And as businesses grow, training requirements for new hires can be easily met with the easily organized and comprehensive material found in the knowledge base.

The Salon Opening Checklist

This week’s newest addition of content was based on a client request for a simple checklist needed to configure both of SuperSalon and iOffice for the initial training phase in the system. After conferring with our Implementations team, and reviewing the on-site training curriculum that they provide in salons across the country, we have come up with the following checklist that can serve as a template for anyone who is just setting up SuperSalon for the first time in their business.

Much like the Learning Paths that we have formulated for the training process itself, this checklist can be followed as closely or as loosely as our clients’ business models dictate. It illustrates in 12 separate steps the bare-bones basics that need to be set up in the SuperSalon POS for an effective training curriculum, based on the Learning Paths and other resources.

We encourage our clients to keep that feedback coming, and know that we will incorporate your requests after a review of the suggested content, and make any edits or changes that front-line employees such as stylus and receptionists may see working with the knowledge base on an everyday basis. Just like all of our offerings at ProPoint Solutions, we would like for this resource to have as much client input behind it as possible.

If you have any questions about the knowledge base, or any other aspect of the SuperSalon POS or iOffice, please contact us via phone or email, and we will be happy to assist.

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