The ProPoint Solutions Knowledge Base Is Live!

With the overwhelmingly positive reviews we’ve received about the SuperSalon Knowledge Base, we at ProPoint Solutions have taken it a step further and created an expanded tool for business owners and stylists. The ProPoint Solutions Knowledge Base contains all the content of its SuperSalon focused predecessor, and also includes detailed training materials for iOffice users as well. This offers a one-stop resource for all new users of either platform.

ProPoint Solutions Knowledge Base Feature Overview

This knowledge base was created to assist in the quick on boarding of new users who may have absolutely no experience with either SuperSalon or iOffice. The content is presented in a way that is easy to follow, and requires no technical experience to navigate. A quick rundown of what users can expect is as follows:

  • Illustrated step-by-step instructions on every major procedure for both systems.
  • An expansive keyword index and search feature to quickly find needed topics in a hurry.
  • A 150 term (and growing) glossary that explains everything from commission plans to report terminology.
  • Over 50 training videos to demonstrate several important procedures.
  • Interactive walk-throughs and overviews that allow users to have hands-on learning of several SuperSalon/iOffice tasks.
  • Easy-to-follow Learning Paths for new users to master either system, based on the curriculum of our on-site trainers.

Learning iOffice has Never Been Easier

Getting clients quickly up and running with the iOffice platform has been an area of opportunity for us for several years, and this tool was designed to address that need in a way that appeals to any preferred learning style. Individuals who prefer a hands-on approach to learning can explore the content freely and enjoy the interactive walk-throughs and overviews. Those who opt for a more structured approach will find the sequential Learning Paths (shown below) a useful feature for familiarizing themselves with the system.

With over 130 topics and growing, this resource will continue to evolve over time with the addition of interactive quizzes, report breakdowns, and any helpful suggestions from our users. As with all of our offerings, we expect many future improvements to the knowledge base to come directly from our clients.

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