SuperSalon Point of Sale Software

With powerful Point of Sale and back office features, SuperSalon has become one of the most popular software solutions for the salon and spa industry.

Built on a robust architecture and boasting an easy to learn and easy to use platform, SuperSalon is the solution of choice in over ten thousand salons worldwide.

SuperSalon features iOffice, a powerful back office tool that helps you manage your entire business – from scheduling and payroll to inventory management and reporting. iOffice delivers a complete suite of useful features that can help you grow your business and reduce expenses.

Point of Sale

Quick and convenient check in and check out, customer look up, service and stylist menu, wait time, product look up, credit and debit card processing and more.

Card Processing

SuperSalon provides secure credit and debit card processing and supports EMV and PCI requirements for point of sale transactions.

Appointment Book

Book appointments, schedule staff hours, split commissions and see the entire day, week or month at a glance.

Cloud Storage

Secure, reliable storage of your data, customer information, shop information and more. Backed up nightly and managed automatically.


Serious reporting tools, inventory and time management, accounting, payroll, staff management and more.

Touch Screen Ready

SuperSalon operates beautifully on traditional PCs or a touch screen kiosk – giving unparalleled convenience and ease of use at the point of sale.

Power Tools

Choose powerful add-ons like touch screen kiosks, mobile apps for your customers, a robust centralized data base and more.


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Guest Management, Sales and Marketing
Customer lookup check
Prepay or post-pay tickets check
Split commissions check
Clear work flow check
Create and sell packages check
Combine customer tickets check
Process credit and gift cards check
Support your loyalty program check
Measure wait and service time check
Record and compare check-in and check-out times check
Streamline opening and closing procedures check
Enable Smartphone and web-based customer check-in
and appointments
Auto send text messages (receipts) and “time to
get a haircut” reminders (birthdays)
New integrated video signage and menu boards with
wait list and advertising
Inventory Management, Payroll and Remote Management
Scheduling forecaster for optimum labor forecasts check
Multi-store electronic product orders check
Print labels with SKUs or bar codes check
Product master sync check
Office web-based central management system check
Change pricing, discounts, permissions, settings and more from 2-2,000+ salons instantly check
Electronics royalties programs check
Reporting and Forecasting
Customize your own reports with drag and drop report builder check
Auto run of nightly reports & event-triggered reports via email check
Generate start-of-day, mid-day and end-of-day closeouts check
Print end-of-day reports and deposit slips on the receipt printer check
Wizard for counting checks, credit cards, gift cards, drops, paid-ins and paid-outs check
Protecting Your Guest and Your Business
Encrypted card readers for secure transactions check
True credit card end-to-end encryption, including new off-line processing check
Synchronize data & many more settings from one salon to all others check
Review and edit tickets while maintaining a complete audit trail of all changes check
Monitor trade-down theft check
Set flags for potential service threats check
Prevent abuse with smart time clock check
Easily find time clock mistakes and fraud check
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Who Uses SuperSalon Software?

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Full Service Salons

Busy walk-in salons and those with established clientele use SuperSalon to manage customer service, inventory, employee management and marketing.

Cosmetology Schools

Schools use SuperSalon not just for training – but for managing students, grades, payment plans, course schedules and more.

Spas and Health Clubs

Spas and clubs use SuperSalon to better manage the flow of patrons throughout the day as well as manage staff, special offers and more.

Other Personal Care

SuperSalon is the perfect tool for tattoo and piercing salon owners to manage walk-in business, inventory, commissions and scheduling.

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Screen Shots

Scroll or swipe to see more. Click or tap image for larger view.

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New Pop-Ups Selections

The new pop-up navigation lets you access a variety of SuperSalon features without leaving the screen you're working in.

This makes workflow faster and more intuitive and allows your staff to multitask - even at the busiest times.

Wait and Serve

SuperSalon's Wait and Serve screen gives you a quick look at your salon's current activities. It makes it easy to send clients to service, check out and more.

The Wait and Serve screen helps your staff stay on top of traffic and provide your customers better service.

New Tickets

SuperSalon's point of sale makes creating a new ticket fast and smooth. Customers can select an employee, service and more.

With SuperSalon's pop-up functionality, checking in customers, sending to waiting or sending to servicing is a simple tap away, saving time and improving customer service.

Adding New Customers

The New Customer Screen lets you quickly enter customer contact details and information such as birthdays, club status and more.

This powerful feature drives customer retention through SuperSalon's email, SMS and alerts features. It's a powerful tool to keep your customers close and create loyalty.

Check Out

Checking customers out and completing sales is fast and easy with SuperSalon's Check Out screen.

From here, you can add additional products, such as conditioner or shampoo, use customer points, enter tips and more.

Payment Processing

SuperSalon's Payment Screen is as easy to use as a calculator. Its large buttons make selections simple and fast.

SuperSalon's point of sale delivers secure payment processing and is PCI and EMV compliant. That means your customer's data is secure and protected by the industry's highest standards and your exposure to liability is greatly reduced.

Appointment Book

SuperSalon's Appointment Book feature gives you an entire workday at a glance and allows you to drill down for more information about appointments and your customers.

You can easily zoom in and out for busy salons and get a quick look at customers currently in waiting or servicing. Your Appointment Book even shows blocked times when a stylist is unavailable or not scheduled for certain hours or days.


Setting up and managing employees in SuperSalon is a snap. Use the Employee Setup screen to add new employees, create schedules, select optimal booking and more.

You can use the Employee Setup screen to determine production and non-production staff members as well as create employee groups such as reception, stylist and more.

Time Clock

SuperSalon's improved Time Clock feature is a convenient pop-up that allows your employees to quickly clock in without having to leave the screen currently being used.

The Time Clock lets employees see their schedule for the week and beyond, read messages, calculate tips, view appointments and print mini reports for their records.


SuperSalon's messaging system is an incredibly useful and convenient features - particularly for multi-location salons and businesses.

Use it to reach individual employees, a selected group of employees or your entire staff all at once. You can even set messages as 'required reading' to ensure important communications are received and read.

Software Settings

SuperSalon's Software Settings pop-up lets you quickly manage the software's look and feel, how inventory and appointments are handled, scheduling, check-ins and much more.

Use the Settings pop-up to customize the SuperSalon experience and make the most out of your point of sale, reporting and more.


SuperSalon makes it easy to configure services. With the Services Setup screen, you can ad new services, categories, sub items and more.

You can configure estimated time and default cost for each service and even assign facility resources (such as chairs, massage tables) to each service and category.
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Learn More About SuperSalon

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