ioffice-padThe Complete Central Cloud Management System

SuperSalon’s iOffice feature is a robust back office that provides you powerful options to manage your salon business from anywhere. As part of the SuperSalon software solution, iOffice provides a more consolidated approach to running your business.

This real-time central management system delivers comprehensive reporting, synchronized data, secure cloud storage and flexible communications with your salon or multiple locations.

Just look at what iOffice can provide you:

Synchronizing and Cloning
iOffice allows you make changes at one location and immediately propagate them to 2 or more locations. Change pricing, discounts, permissions and more, without interruption to business operations.

Flexible Communication
iOffice features a convenient messaging system that allows you instantly communicate with a staff member or your entire team.

Inventory Management
iOffice’s inventory and product order management allows you to automatically suggest product orders, manage retail and back-bar items and supports bar code scanners and label printers.

Auto Reports
Auto reports enable you to select reports, salons and delivery frequency as well as recipients.

Drag and Drop Report Builder
Easily create your own custom reports by selecting data blocks and dropping them into place. You can even create your own custom data blocks using mathematical operators.

Staff Scheduling
Create employee schedules and use the scheduling forecaster to determine optimum scheduling, based on data. You can even print schedules for each member of your team or for individual staff members.

Requirements for SuperSalon and iOffice

  • CPU: Intel or AMD Multi-Core 64 bit processor capable of 2.6 GHz or faster
  • System RAM: 4 GB
  • Operating System: Windows 7 Professional or Windows 8 / 8.1 Professional
  • Hard Drive: At least 60 GB of size, or free space
  • Connections: At least three free USB 2.0 (or newer) slots
  • Internet Connection: 2Mbps/768kbps with ping times of less than 100ms and a packet loss of no more than 5%

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iOffice Account Information

Get detailed information about your customers. Information can be shared with multiple locations and updated in real-time for any of your multiple salons. Keep track of customers' previous services, purchases and more.

iOffice Custom Reports

iOffice features a powerful custom report generator that allows you to drill down to precisely the data you need and the information you want to see. You can even customize data block by using mathematical formulas. It's fast, easy and robust.

iOffice Messaging

Convenient messaging - from your desktop to your salon or multiple locations. Let your staff members know important or timely information, reach out to a single staff member or your entire team.

iOffice Report Export Tool

Quickly and easily export your iOffice reports for use in a variety of software packages, such as Microsoft Excel, Access or popular spreadsheet programs.

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