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tour-pad1Managing Your Business Just Got Easier

At its core, SuperSalon is a Point of Sale solution that is designed to allow you greater flexibility in managing appointments, services, scheduling, payroll and commissions.

But, the system doesn’t stop there.

SuperSalon helps make the flow of traffic to your salon seamless – giving customers a more convenient experience. What’s more, with SuperSalon’s robust reporting features, you can better manage inventory, sales, loss, marketing initiatives and more.

Take a look at just some of the features SuperSalon delivers. Hover your mouse to bring up navigation or just swipe if you’re on your mobile device.

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Point of Sale Terminal

Appointment Book

Your day at a glance. See the entire schedule for your employees and create new appointments, reschedule current ones.

The appointment book also provides numerous flexible functions to make your business day run smoothly.
  • Scheduling of staff and resources
  • Series and package sales
  • Staff specific departments and services
  • Flexible allocation of commissions and tips
  • Standing appointments and group bookings
  • Service itineraries
  • Customer alerts
  • Available schedules for each technician

Customer Management

Look up customers, make edits and more. The dynamic customer search option is truly touch-screen capable with predictive search results.

View your customer's history, previous sales and appointments and extended notes such as birthday, check acceptance, previous technicians and more.


Select Stylist

Schedule services, select a stylist and more.

For services that require resources, SuperSalon displays available resources for each category and allocates them as needed.

Choose your customer's desired stylist or the next available stylist.

Wait-Serve List

The wait-serve screen gives you a quick view into the current activity in your salon.

Tickets show time in, wait time, service time and more. You can fit a large number of tickets on your screen to accommodate even the busiest salon.

The wait-time calculator shows estimated wait times for each customer. By tapping it, you'll see a window that shows each stylist's wait list and approximate wait time.

Ticket Options

The ticket options screen is ideal for walk-in salons. It allows you to quickly enter demographic information, services, stylists, call-ahead information and more.

When selecting services, it will automatically display the most common.

From here, you can send customers to wait, service or directly to check-out.

Customer Checkout

SuperSalon's checkout screen is fast and flexible. The most commonly used items are automatically loaded in the search box.

You can also type any part of an item code or description and the predictive search instantly finds matches.

New customers can be checked in from here and waiting customers can be moved to service - without affecting customers already in check-out.

Salon Management

Management Screens

The management screens of SuperSalon allow you to set up a variety of custom settings such as user permissions, cash drawer, inventory items, sales pricing and schedules.

As with all SuperSalon screens, navigation is easy and intuitive.

You can view multiple salons, make changes, send private messages and more.

Pay Plans

Use the pay plans screen to quickly set up base pay, commissions, spiffs and more.

This feature is perfect for salons and tattoo studios that split commissions with stylists and artists.

Employee Schedule Editing

Scheduling is made easy with the employee schedule screens in SuperSalon.

Easily add blocks of time to a stylist's schedule, special hours and more.

Service List

A must-have for full-service salons, the service list feature lets you build a complete price list of the services offered.

Create discounts, special offers or even seasonal offerings - quickly.

SuperSalon makes it easy to add new services, edit existing ones and change pricing as you go.

Email Marketing

Send customers reminders of upcoming appointments or a special offer.

Email marketing is fast and easy and it's a great way to keep your customers loyal.


Custom Reports

iOffice's custom report writer puts you in control of your data.

Use the custom reports feature to gain a deeper understanding of your business and what areas are most profitable. You can keep track of sales, inventory, tax details and more - quickly and easily.

Data Export

iOffice makes it easy to export data for use in other software packages (Quick Books, PASC, etc.).

Data export is quick and you can select specific ranges to work with.

Mass Message

Keep your employees and multiple locations in the loop easily with iOffice's mass message feature.

Your message is delivered to each iOffice user in your team, making communication a snap. Use it to inform your staff of shop closings, special offers and more.

Customer Self Check-In Kiosk

Customer Kiosk Welcome

Here is where your customer begins the self check-in process.

The SuperSalon touch-screen kiosk makes the process simple and friendly to customers. A few simple taps and your customer is underway. Returning customers can look up their account while new customers can easily create a new account for your salon or location.

Account Lookup

Returning customers can quickly look up their account, check in for service, make changes and select their preferred stylist.

The interface is simple and convenient, making check-ins a breeze and freeing up your salon staff to work with customers already in service.

Create a New Account

Creating a new customer account is fast and easy.

The kiosk's large, easy to read display make the process friendly. A full QWERTY keypad and number pad make the process fast and intuitive.

Plus, your customer's details are automatically stored in SuperSalon's database.

Add Email

We've included the most popular email providers to make it easy for your customer to complete their email address. They can also use their own domain.

This helps cut down on typing and allows your customer to finish the check-in process quickly.

Select Services

Your customer can select a single service or a choice of several services.

The kiosk screen shows the most commonly used services and your customer can search for previous services they've had or new ones.

When your customer taps to select a service, the process is as familiar as adding an item to an online cart.

Select Stylist

The select stylist screen lets your customer find and choose their favorite technician.

Stylists are sorted alphabetically, making it easy to find the right one. Your customer can also choose to go with the next available stylist they have no preference.

Checked In

When the customer has made their selections, the system checks them in and lets them know where they are in the queue.

They are also automatically added to the SuperSalon wait list and the video wait board, if you have that option.

Add-Ons and Options

Mobile App

With our Mobile App, you can give your customers a more convenient way to set appointments and select services.

It also requires almost no additional training for your staff, as everything is integrated into the POS and automatically populates when an appointment is set.

SMS Notifications

The SMS Reminder add-on helps you keep your customers close with text messages that can be pre-configured to send in specific instances.

Clients can be alerted when it has been a certain time since their last visit, receive birthday greetings, confirm appointments and more.

Video Menu Board

Use the Video Menu Board to show wait times and special messaging like offers, holiday specials and more.

This cost-effective way of advertising your salon's services helps drive home your message and your brand.

Tablet Power Tool

Our Tablet power tool extends virtually all of the capabilities of your SuperSalon POS to your iOS, Android or Windows tablet.

The Tablet add-on can perform almost any ticket manipulation task that can be accomplished in SuperSalon. Tasks like moving a ticket from waiting to servicing, checking the status of appointments or adding customer notes are all easily handled with the Tablet add-on.

With the add-on, your clients are able to log onto your organization’s own customized web page, where they can search for the nearest location to them (via the GPS-based tracker), make appointments and check in for service.

After a customer receives their service from your location, the bottom of their final receipt will have a message for them to visit, along with a unique code for them to enter upon logging in.

They can then complete a survey about their visit to your location and the services they received. Once they’ve completed their survey, your customer will receive a code for a special discount that you determine.

Centralized Customer Database

The Centralized Customer Database acts as a unified customer list that can be shared between multiple locations or an entire franchise.

The customer database is a secure and encrypted solution that is automatically updated with every upload from the SuperSalon PoS at each participating location.

Time Clock Kiosk

This add-on makes staff management a snap! The Time Clock Kiosk is ideal for busy salons and cosmetology schools.

Gift Cards and Certificates

Having a unified system of gift certificates across all of your locations can help make your marketing or promotional campaigns more effective.

Our Global Gift Certificates add-on makes light work of your campaigns with the security and reliability of our Centralized Customer Database backing it up.

Memberships System

Whether you offer a single unique service such as nail care or provide a full-service environment, our Membership System can help you increase repeat visits.

It also provides tracking tools to help you understand how your membership sales are performing.

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