Placing Schedule Blocks in the Appointment Book

The SuperSalon scheduler is a feature that has grown and evolved quite a bit over the last decade, and in this week’s article, we will demonstrate how to block a specific amount of time for a staff member to be scheduled. Placing schedule blocks can be for a number of reasons, maybe the employee has a class or a function to attend every week, and having that timeslot preset makes it easy for managers to get a better overview of their staffing needs.

To Place a Schedule Block

The following instructions apply for all SuperSalon versions later than 5.2, and the images below reflect SuperSalon 5.8.5

Step 1: Beginning at the Wait/Serve screen in our illustration, this can also be performed from anywhere within the SuperSalon POS, from here we will click or tap on the “Scheduler” tab.

Placing Scheduling Blocks Step 1

Step 2: Once within the Scheduler tab, the user will see the column and row format similar to many spreadsheet programs such as Microsoft Excel. Click or tap on the chosen time to be blocked, within the column that corresponds to the staff member, as shown below.

Placing Scheduling Blocks Step 2


Step 3: This will populate the Employee Scheduler Editor, the user can then click or tap on the “Add Block” button, as shown in the image below.

Placing Scheduling Blocks Step 3


Step 4: Using the green arrows as a guide, configure the time to the specific amount needed for the block. The arrows will move forward and backward chronologically in increments of 15 minutes.

Placing Scheduling Blocks Step 4


Step 5: When the time has been configured correctly, the user can then click or tap on the “Save Changes” button located in the bottom array of the pop up, as shown in the illustrated example below.

Placing Scheduling Blocks Step 5


And with that, the Schedule Block has been correctly configured, and the staffing manager will know not to assign hours to the staff member for that timeframe. For more information on this or any other procedure in the SuperSalon Point of Sale, check out our Knowledge Base for illustrated instructions, training videos, and interactive walk-throughs of every SuperSalon procedure. And if you ever find yourself stuck, let us know via phone or email, and we will happily assist you.

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