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Company News

7Sep, 2017

Setting Automatic Breaks with SuperSalon

A busy location, with several employees on the schedule at once, can have challenges in keeping staffing at an optimum. And, having to determine break times during [...]

31Aug, 2017

SuperSalon Partner Spotlight: SignSimple

One of the most compelling and effective methods of advertising to take shape in the last few years has been the platform of digital signage. Wherever we [...]

22Aug, 2017

Tips for Internet and Credit Card Outages

Though you may not experience them often, outages in required business services can result in lost revenue and delays in customer service. When an internet service provider [...]

17Aug, 2017

Breakdown of SuperSalon Customer Profiles

The key to any business's success is its ability to keep customers coming back by providing a high level of customer satisfaction. SuperSalon's customer management features are [...]

10Aug, 2017

The SuperSalon Advantage for Wellness Spas

Ever since the first versions of the SuperSalon salon management software were released to the public, our mission has been to provide the most customizable format to accommodate [...]

3Aug, 2017

SuperSalon Customer Preference Settings

Being able to collect and store all of the information possible about your clients is critical to the success of your business. We at ProPoint Solutions have [...]