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Company News

1Mar, 2018

Creating New Pay Periods in iOffice

When initially setting up a salon’s payroll, one of the first things to establish is the frequency in which staff members will be paid for their work. [...]

22Feb, 2018

Editing Tip Amounts in SuperSalon

Since its most earliest versions, SuperSalon has offered its users the flexibility to be able to edit just about any aspect of their business or workflow. This [...]

15Feb, 2018

Redoing a Service in a SuperSalon Quick Sale

Quick sales are the ticket method in SuperSalon that does not require the use of the customer database. However, despite this, it is still possible to perform [...]

1Feb, 2018

Creating a New Commission Plan in iOffice

Commission plans serve as great incentives for staff members to perform at their absolute best, and both SuperSalon and iOffice support some of the most flexible commission [...]

25Jan, 2018

Creating New Pay Periods with SuperSalon

When new or multiple pay periods are required, the following processes can be performed quickly and easily. There are two general formats to select from when determining [...]

18Jan, 2018

Working with Product Brands in SuperSalon

Product Brands are the companies are licensed to create and distribute products under their own name, such as Paul Mitchell™ or Redken™. SuperSalon can be configured to [...]