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Company News

26Apr, 2018

ProPoint Solutions 1st Quarter Update 2018

Wrapping up the first quarter of 2018, ProPoint solutions finds itself building on the successes of previous years, and solidifying its position as an industry leader for [...]

5Apr, 2018

All About Ticket Voids

Sometimes it becomes necessary to cancel or delete a sales ticket during the course of a workday. This could be for any number of reasons, and SuperSalon [...]

29Mar, 2018

Breaking Down the Ticket Information Screen

Research of current and past sales is enhanced for SuperSalon users in the Search Sales submenu of the Manager tab. By filtering queries by date, payment method, [...]

20Mar, 2018

Creating Gift Certificates in iOffice

One of iOffice's best features is its ability to mirror the SuperSalon POS in enough ways for it to be feasible to perform administrative tasks like adding [...]

15Mar, 2018

POS-X Receipt Printer Troubleshooting

Having equipment act up during a busy workday is never an enjoyable experience. This is particularly true in the case of your salon's receipt printer. Since they [...]