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Company News

9Aug, 2018

Crafting a New Pay Period in SuperSalon

At times, the payroll process for a business requires flexibility in how staff are scheduled and how they are subsequently paid. SuperSalon allows you to configure multiple [...]

19Jul, 2018

SuperSalon 5.9.7 is Almost Here!

A major update to the SuperSalon point of sale is right around the corner. SuperSalon 5.9.7 is the largest update to be released so far this year, [...]

12Jul, 2018

Adding Sub Items to Existing Services

Locations will sometimes need to augment the prices of their Service offerings based on certasin circumstances. A good example of this would be an extra charge attached [...]

4Jul, 2018

Managing Price Groups in SuperSalon

With so many different business models in the salon industry, it is a constant challenge to ensure that our offerings can accommodate them all. The flexibility of [...]

27Jun, 2018

Configuring a Pole Display in SuperSalon

SuperSalon comes with built-in support for several peripherals and and devices, right out-of-the-box. Users can take advantage of the most modern retail sales devices available such as [...]