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Company News

21Jul, 2017

SuperSalon Version Release Notes

Below are the detailed components of the new release of the SuperSalon point-of-sale. The internal ticket numbers are also referenced with each entry. Clients who have [...]

20Jul, 2017

The iOffice Business Audit Tool

Of all the extended features available to users of SuperSalon, the Business Audit Tool located in iOffice is one of the most effective for keeping track of [...]

13Jul, 2017

Establishing Departments in SuperSalon

In order to better organize an company's personnel in the system, SuperSalon has several methods of title creation available for its users. Just as users are able [...]

23Feb, 2017

Configuring Client Birthday Greetings

Every service-based business that wants to be successful should strive to have as close a relationship to their clients as possible. People tend to go where they [...]