New SuperSalon Feature Preview

The upcoming release for SuperSalon version brings with it three new features designed to add to the ergonomics and overall ease-of-use of the system. Some of these improvements have been in the works for quite some time, and were made at the direct request of our clients. This article will serve as a sneak peek for these new features, and go into how they are used.

Tickets can now become Appointments

This new feature closes the gap for locations that utilize both appointments and walk-ins for their traffic, and allows users to create a standard sales ticket, and then move it to the Appointment Book is an appointment for later date. The ability to turn appointments into tickets has been integrated into SuperSalon for some time, but now the feature works both ways.

Activating this new feature is as easy as going into the Software Settings, then “Sales”, then “Tickets & Sales” and toggling this setting as shown below.


The Recover Checkout Tickets Utility is now in the Closeout Interface

Sometimes the final closeout process is interrupted by a message from SuperSalon saying that there are tickets still in Checkout, even though nothing shows up in the Sales screen. Prior to this update, users would have to go into the Setup > Utilities submenu and run the “Recover Checkout Tickets” utility to retrieve them. With SuperSalon, this utility has been merged with the Closeout functionality so users can perform this task without leaving the Closeout submenu.

The illustrated example below shows both the error message and the new button in the lower right which allows users to activate utility from there.


Customer Notes can now be Printed and Deleted from the Customer Profile

Two new buttons have been added to the Notes section of the Customer Profile which allow users to either print the notes being displayed, or delete them altogether. SuperSalon will prompt users for confirmation when the “Delete” button is activated, making sure that this is the intended action. And the “Print” button will send the viewed note to the receipt printer for hard copy output. The illustration below shows both of these buttons along with their confirmation prompts, and an example of the printed copy.

The expected release date for SuperSalon is right around the corner, and stay tuned to the front page of iOffice for detailed notes on each aspect of this new update of the SuperSalon software. Until then, if you have any questions about this or any aspect of our offerings, please let us know via phone or email, and we will be happy to assist you.


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