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Support for SuperSalon and iOffice
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Helping You Get the Most Out of SuperSalon and iOffice

The following manuals and guides are published in Adobe Acrobat Reader (PDF) format. Need to download Acrobat Reader? Click here to get your free copy.

User Manuals

How-To Guides

Adding Discounts in SuperSalon Adding Employees in SuperSalon
Adding Products in SuperSalon Adding Services in SuperSalon
Central Database – Setting up and Using Central Database Merge Purge
Commission Edits in SuperSalon Creating and Selling Packages in SuperSalon
Credit Notes in SuperSalon Data Warehouse BETA
Editing Tickets in SuperSalon Editing Timecards in SuperSalon
Editing Tips and Payments in SuperSalon Explanation of Receipt Printer Settings
Important SuperSalon Audit Reports Instructions for using the SMS Functionality
Integrated Gift Cards vs. Credit Cards Inventory Tasks – Edit Product Page
Inventory Tasks – Inventory At a Glance Inventory Tasks – Inventory Manager
Inventory Transactions with SuperSalon iPad KioskPro Setup for SuperSalon
Instructions for Using the SuperSalon Memberships System Multi-Register Setups in SuperSalon
Opening Till Edits in iOffice Performing Date-Ranged Uploads in SuperSalon
Permission Report for SuperSalon SuperSalon Permission Settings Explained
Instructions for the SuperSalon Scheduling Wizard Re-Entering Previous Sales in SuperSalon
Security Services for SuperSalon SuperSalon New Installation Checklist
SuperSalon Report Terminology Speeding Up a Slow SuperSalon PC
The Salon Dashboard – A Closer Look SuperSalon File System Tasks
SuperSalon and Barcode Discounts SuperSalon Points System
SuperSalon Messaging System The SuperSalon Upload System
The 52-Week Tracking Email Report for SuperSalon Tracking Standalone Gift Cards in SuperSalon
Theft Prevention with SuperSalon
iOffice Customer Data Exports iOffice Cheat Sheet
Offline SecureNet Transactions in SuperSalon RateMyVisit Setup Instructions
SalonCheckin Settings and Customization Mobile Apps and Sub Items


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