Exploring the iOffice Scheduler

Several features of the SuperSalon point of sale are mirrored in the iOffice cloud management and backup system. This gives business owners and other decision makers easy access to salon-level changes. Among these features is the iOffice Scheduler, a tool that allows you to work with employee schedules, remotely and outside of the point of sale.

This article will look at the Scheduler interface and get you started using it.

Getting There

The Scheduler interface in iOffice occupies its own tab and can be accessed from any other section of the iOffice system. Shown below, the main Scheduler interface is almost identical to its counterpart in SuperSalon’s POS.

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Using the iOffice Scheduler

If you are already familiar with the Scheduler feature in SuperSalon’s POS, you will notice a difference in the iOffice version. Specifically, the Day View feature is only available in the POS version. Using Scheduler in iOffice, you are able to work in the Schedule View only.

To schedule a staff member for a specific day, simply click the time period in the grid view. A pop up window will appear, allowing you to set the details of the specific shift. You can also fine-tune the hours and insert notes for salon staff to review from this pop up. The green check mark in the lower right-hand corner saves the changes.

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Schedule additions and edits that are performed within the iOffice environment are then synced to the SuperSalon points of sale, in each of your locations, during the next standard UpSys transfer. Depending on policy settings for each location, schedules created in iOffice take precedence over schedules created in SuperSalon’s POS.

The iOffice Scheduler makes it more convenient for salon owners and managers to work with staffing and scheduling, allowing you to make changes from anywhere.

For more information on this or any other SuperSalon or iOffice feature, make sure to contact us here.

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