To ensure that you have a great experience with Rogers Software Development (RSD) products, we are notifying you of potential issues for which we cannot take responsibility. This policy helps us minimize customer support costs. Please review the following disclaimer in addition to the End User License Agreement.

  • Credit Card Deposits: RSD cannot be responsible for credit card transactions not deposited to your account. During setup we make our best effort to ensure that integrated credit card processing is setup correctly. We have no way of confirming that deposits are being made correctly. Please confirm as soon as possible that all sales are being deposited correctly. If not, please contact us as soon as possible by sending an e-mail to support@rogerspos.com or calling 888-458-1001.
  • Long Distance Charges: RSD cannot be responsible for long distance charges. During setup we may provide a dial-up internet account. We attempt to provide a local number from the same area code, city, an ISP that is within your area. Occasionally, local phone companies charge long distance rates to numbers in the same area including numbers in the same area code. We have no way of confirming that any fees are assessed. Please confirm as soon as possible that the number does NOT accrue long distance charges. If you need to know the number, please send an e-mail to support@rogerspos.com or call 888-458-1001. You will need to provide the name, address and phone number of the salon.
  • Maintaining PC Operating System: RSD cannot be responsible for the performance or maintenance of PC Operating systems (Windows 8/7/2000/XP/Vista or Linux). This includes bugs, viruses, spyware and other malware. Your operating system requires occasional security patches, updates, and service packs. Windows must be set to update automatically and be able to receive and install updates and other maintenance releases. We also recommend that you install an AntiVirus program such as: www.microsoft.com/security_essentials/support.aspx?mkt=en-us.
  • Third party software and hardware: RSD cannot be responsible for other software installed on the system by the end user. Common examples include video surveillance software; e-mail, word processing, publishing, accounting, and/or antivirus software, etc. We also cannot be responsible for any hardware not purchased from RDS. We cannot accept the responsibility for providing support to hardware or software not purchased from RDS.
  • Value of lost time or revenue (or other damages): We will provide our best support, but we cannot pay for your time, lost revenue, or other damages in the event of support services, software, hardware, networks, or Web services problems.
  • Hardware Repair: RSD is not liable for hardware repairs or damages. We will help to coordinate warranty repairs. All hardware warranty repairs must be in accordance with manufacturer’s RMA and repair policies. We are not responsible for shipping charges. We sometimes loan equipment if available, but must charge for shipping. Please ask us about advance replacement “Hot Swap” warranties that may be available for purchase. Please also note that we CANNOT support hardware that was not purchased from RSD.
  • Hardware Maintenance: RSD is not liable for hardware maintenance. Overheating may cause computer CPUs and other hardware to fail prematurely, if not kept clean. We recommend that you have a qualified person remove all power from the hardware and carefully use pressurized air or a vacuum to remove all dust, lint and hair from your computer and peripherals. It is especially important to clean cooling ports, shrouds, screens and fans in the CPU and power supply. Please also note that if the CPU is kept in a cabinet it must have proper ventilation or it can overheat. RSD can provide on-site maintenance for a fee.
  • Internet Service Providers (ISP) Hardware: RSD cannot provide support or be liable for configuration and troubleshooting of hardware provided by the ISP or phone companies. This includes modems, hubs, routers, networking equipment, phone lines, etc.
  • Software License Transfer Fee: A $250 Software License Transfer Fee will be applied in the event of a change of ownership. The licenses granted pursuant to this Software License Agreement are personal to you, and under no circumstances may be assigned or transferred by you without ROGERS SOFTWARE DEVELOPMENT, INC.’s prior written consent.
  • Payroll: On your first few payroll cycles, please ensure that employee compensation and commission and tips are set up and calculating properly. We cannot be liable for incorrect payroll configuration.
  • Power: Clean, stable power is critical to proper functioning and longevity of your hardware. Brown-outs, black-outs, power surges and “dirty” power can destroy your hardware and potentially destroy your data. We highly recommend using an uninterruptable power supply, preferably one with power conditioning.
  • Sales Taxes and Royalties: RSD cannot be responsible for ensuring that sales tax rates are correct for each location. Please verify that all taxes are configured correctly after initial setup and adjust and verify every time there is a change in your local tax rates. RSD cannot be responsible for ensuring that royalty rates are correct for each location. Please verify that all royalties are configured correctly after initial setup and adjust and verify every time there is a change in your royalty rate structure.
  • PCI Compliance & Data Security: RSD cannot be responsible for ensuring that your business is PCIDSS compliant or that your data is secure. Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards (PCIDSS) compliance involves many things that we cannot control, including your network, business policies and controls, access to computers, etc. We are continually improving our systems, but we cannot guarantee full compliance. Please see SuperSalon Security Policies and Recommendations at www.supersalon.com/security For more information on PCIDSS compliance, we recommend you read the information on the following web site: www.pcicomplianceguide.org/merchants.php
  • Integrated Processing: RSD does not recommend using integrated processing over dial-up connections and may not be able to support processing or settlement connections. If you cannot get high-speed (Cable or DSL) we recommend you use a processor-supplied terminal.
  • E-Mail: Some of our services can be configured to send e-mail to users or directly to customers. RSD cannot be held responsible for e-mail which is not received or understood. Many systems including spam filters, e-mail clients, invalid e-mail accounts, and networking issues can prevent e-mail from being received. To help ensure that e-mail from RSD can be received, make sure to configure e-mail clients and spam filters to allow e-mail from any address that contains “@rogerspos.com.” If you need additional help, please send an e-mail to “support@rogerspos.com.”
  • Additional Fees: Please be aware that, in addition to the standard support packages including: IOffice, tech support, updates and data backup, additional fees may accrue.
    1. If you discontinue using the POS system, but wish to continue using IOffice to access prior data, there is a $20.00 per month fee for IOffice access only. For example, you sell
      your salon but wish to have access to financial data for tax purposes the fee would be $20.00/month.
    2. If you wish to transfer your SuperSalon license to a new company or owner, there is a $250.00 transfer fee. This covers our cost of archiving the data, moving the databases,
      validating data, and setting up a salon with the new account.
  • Availability of Web Services: Web services are not 100% reliable. We cannot accept responsibility for any consequences resulting from your inability to access information via our web services.

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