Configuring Automatic Breaks in SuperSalon

A busy location with several employees on the schedule at once will always have challenges in keeping staffing at optimum, and having to determine break times during a rush can add to the stress. Since the 5.6.5 version of the software, SuperSalon has had a built in function that allows managers and other senior staff members to pre-configure breaks before things start getting busy. This allows stylists and other front line employees to focus on giving the best quality service they can, without having to watch the clock or draw straws.

In the POS, the function is located at Setup > Payroll / Bonuses > Timecards, and is controlled from the second column of the interface, as shown in the illustrated example. The function is activated and deactivated from the “Enable Automatic Breaks” menu, and from there the user can also determine the specific amount of time the break will last, as well as how much time on the clock is required before the break time kicks in.

Week 8 Auto Breaks Revisited

When cross referenced with the Scheduler and reports like the Daily Traffic report, this function can be a powerful tool in keeping your employees sane while at the same time making absolutely sure that staffing is at its best possible level during times of high traffic.

Another great tool at managers’ disposal is the Automatic Employee Non Production Time Transfer, located in the same interface. This gives senior staff members the ability to pre-determine when a clocked in employee’s time goes from being reported as “production” time, to “non-production” time in regards to SuperSalon’s reports.

A possible example of this need being fulfilled would be a busy salon staff sharing clean up duties such as sweeping up hair, policing for trash, or otherwise performing tasks that do not directly relate to brining in revenue to the location. The amount of time to be set for the duration of the time switch, as well as the amount of time that needs to be elapsed for the switch to take place is determined in the same way as the automatic breaks as well.

For more information on this feature, or any other aspect of our POS, feel free to consult our documentation resources located in the front page of iOffice.

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