Coming Soon: The iOffice Knowledge Base

Due to the overwhelmingly positive response we have received after the rollout of the SuperSalon Knowledge Base, ProPoint Solutions is happy to announce the construction of another valuable resource; The iOffice Knowledge Base. Set for release in early summer 2017, this resource promises to be just as thorough and easy to use as its counterpart, and will assist upper management and trusted account holders in mastering this platform.

Most Comprehensive iOffice Resource to Date

With initial SuperSalon training for frontline users and managers being the primary focus of our on-site training staff, iOffice training has been an area of opportunity for quite some time. However, with the new knowledge base, users of iOffice will have a place to go to for any question to be answered. Much like the SuperSalon Knowledge Base, users of the iOffice version can expect to see:

  • Over 80 individual topics that will contain both are overviews, and illustrated step-by-step instructions when needed.
  • Over 50 newly created training videos that will cover all topics and important procedures in the iOffice platform, including the often intimidating Store Sync feature.
  • Interactive walk-throughs and overviews of routine and special case scenarios for users to get hands-on training material.
  • A comprehensive glossary of terms to clarify report terminology, inventory processes, and much more.
  • An extensive keyword index, table of contents, as well as robust search capabilities to allow users to find the correct topic quickly.
  • Pre-created “Learning Paths” to assist in the on boarding of new users of the iOffice platform.
  • Responsive HTML coding to allow users to take advantage of the iOffice Knowledge Base via any connected device.

Coming Soon to an iOffice Home Page Near You!

As of this writing, we intend to post to this new knowledge base to the iOffice homepage, giving users easy and quick access. Stay tuned to this blog, and to iOffice itself for updates on the release of this fantastic resource. If you have any questions, or suggestions on the topics to be included, please let us know via phone or email, and we will be happy to assist you!

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