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See why thousands choose SuperSalon to help them grow their business
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Don’t just manage your business – grow it.

Whether you manage a busy walk-in salon, barber shop or a multi-location franchise, SuperSalon is the perfect, scalable solution for all your business needs.


See what SuperSalon can do for you

Licensed by thousands of global customers like you, SuperSalon gives you a robust and reliable way to keep your salon or spa running efficiently – freeing your hands to do what you do best: deliver an exception experience to your customers.

Check out this 90 second video to see how easy it is.

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Under the Hood

SuperSalon is the complete salon and spa management tool – out of the box. But, with our wide range of add-ons and Power Tools, you can customize SuperSalon to fit your business needs perfectly.

Touch-Screen Kiosk

Streamline your customer service with our easy-to-use self check-in kiosk. Our kiosk helps eliminate bottlenecks at the register and lets your customer pick the services they want.

iOffice and iOffice2Go

Cloud-based back office system that delivers robust reporting, complete payroll and inventory management, forecasting and more. iOffice is the secure, reliable back office manager for salon or spa.

Centralized Customer Database

The unified database that allows data sharing and management within multiple locations. Our Centralized Customer Database makes it easy to provide outstanding customer service no matter which location your customer chooses.

Video Menu Displays

Display wait times, special offers, your salon’s services and more. Video Menu Displays engage your customers and can incorporate your specific branding or messaging.

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Mobile Apps

Our most popular add-on allows your customers to book, select services and choose their preferred stylist – all from the convenience of their mobile device or smart phone.

Your busy customers will appreciate the ability to book and check-in from the convenience of their favorite browser. Improve retention and customer loyalty with this popular add-on.

The easiest, most convenient way to get customer reviews. gives your customers a fast and easy way to provide you and your stylists valuable feedback.

Multi-Store Loyalty Programs

The SuperSalon loyalty programs make it easy for you to expand your business and improve customer retention. With reward points and other special offerings, we do the loyalty marketing for you.

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Full-Service Salon Management Software

SuperSalon software offers everything you need to manage your growing salon, spa, wellness center or health club.

Whether you’re an independent or part of a regional or national chain, SuperSalon’s point-of-sale software and mobile apps will help you manage every aspect of your business – from customer check-in to managing services and inventory to gathering customer feedback.

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Kick the Learning Curve to the Curb

SuperSalon isn’t just powerful. It’s also easy to learn and easy to use. By selectively enabling the features you want, you can tailor SuperSalon to meet your specific needs.

SuperSalon helps you manage every aspect of your business from the essentials – such as guest management, employee scheduling, payroll, inventory, marketing and reporting – to enterprise and multi-location functionality for larger organizations.

Your staff will find SuperSalon an intuitive tool in no time – better enabling them to focus on servicing customers.

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Why SuperSalon?

homepage-pos-1As the world’s most flexible and popular Point of Sale solution for the personal care industry, SuperSalon helps you keep your customers close and find new ones easily.

Its robust architecture and vast array of user-friendly features make it the most trusted name in salon management solutions.

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What People Are Saying

  • I want to thank you and your team for an outstanding performance! The BriteSmile team LOVES our new software and we are thrilled at Corporate to have had such excellent support. We achieved the impossible!!

  • I just wanted to send you a note to thank you and your staff for a terrific year. We converted our stores over to ProPoint Solutions 1Q this year. Our conversions went smoothly and the systems work great. If there ever is a hiccup - your staff is all over it!

    Chris Robins
    Chris RobinsSalon Owner
  • I would 110% recommend the SuperSalon POS system to any salon owner! SuperSalon is intuitive and easy to use, yet powerful and the SuperSalon staff is incredible.

    Chris Serrano
    Chris SerranoFranchisee
  • After over three months of extensive testing and use, SuperSalon was clearly our first choice. With an outstanding user interface, a check-in process designed the way we do business, a feature-rich back office easily accessible through the Internet from virtually anywhere and, most importantly, responsive and timely salon support, we could not go wrong selecting SuperSalon.

    Mary Prevost
    Mary PrevostFantastic Sams
  • SuperSalon's inventory program is designed with the Business owner (Franchisee) in mind. It allows for inventory processes to be done at the individual salon level and to be monitored, controlled, and edited at the Back Office. The program enables our managers to make and receive accurate orders and for us to control and monitor the retail capabilities (such as stocking levels) of our system.

    Kitty Alaily
    Kitty AlailyFranchisee
  • I have been a Big League Haircuts franchisee for 3 years. When our old system was phased out we studied our options; Guest Vision and SuperSalon. We chose SuperSalon. SuperSalon salon software upgraded our systems, and imported our data without a hitch. We have been very happy ever since.

    Don Moody
    Don MoodyFranchisee

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Why Get Stuck?

If you’re already using a salon management program, but it’s no longer addressing your business needs, making the switch to SuperSalon is a breeze.

Our team has performed thousands of conversions from other industry software and can help you through the process easily.

Plus, SuperSalon can automatically perform custom data imports from spreadsheets, databases and more.

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Ready to See More?

See for yourself how easy it is to get SuperSalon up and running and how it can help you quickly take control of and grow your business. There’s no obligation to check it out.

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